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Features of the genre of the essay:

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— small volume and the concreteness of the theme;

— personal approach to its disclosure, subjectivity, occasionally paradoxical judgments;

— independently carried out analysis of the studied problems using concepts and analytical tools covered in the discipline, conclusions, summarizing the author’s position on the problem;

— free composition, which is determined by the intricate movement of thought, impressions, memories, associations;

— free use of language – from words of high style to the spoken language;

— atmosphere of trust to the reader, conversational tone.

Depending on the specific discipline of the form of the essay can greatly differentiate. In some cases it can be an analysis of the available statistical data on a studied problem, the analysis of materials from mass media and use of studied models, a detailed analysis of the proposed tasks with expanded views, selection and detailed analysis of examples illustrating the problem, etc.

The topic should not only initiate the presentation of definitions of concepts, its purpose – to encourage reflection.

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