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Bar Exam Preparation Resource Guide

Taking the bar exam can be downright grueling, and being well prepared is essential. From figuring out the financial details to making sure you’re equipped with the right study materials, there’s a lot to deal with. The resources in this guide represent the most accurate information and helpful advice available.

Basic Bar Exam Information

First off, you have to know the fundamentals of bar exam preparation. It’s important to take all the right steps to ensure your eligibility. You need to know the requirements for the specific bar you’ll be taking, what it’s going to cost, and exactly what will be expected of you over the course of the examination period. Use the links in this section to guide you in making sure that you don’t overlook an important step.

  • Bar Admissions Information — This page was put together by the American Bar Association and outlines everything that is required in order to be an exam candidate in the United States. Included is a link to the ABA’s Comprehensive Bar Admission Requirements publication, as well as information for law students from schools outside the U.S.
  • Multistate Bar Exam Information — The National Conference of Bar Examiners’ site hosts this page with information and links for those who are planning to take the MBE (Multistate Bar Exam).
  • Bar Exam/MBE Transfer Information Page — is home to this page full of incredibly helpful insights about application and transfer of bar exam credits between states. There are even color-coded maps to help you figure out the specific requirements of each state.
  • Bar Exam FAQ — This FAQ page comes from Northwestern Law School of Illinois. It contains some state-specific information, as well as links to pages about national and multistate bar exam requirements and guidelines. There is also a link list with all of the most reputable study programs in the U.S.

Bar Exam Tips and Insights

When you decide to take the bar, you may find that everyone seems an expert and is ready to give you advice. However, it is likely that nobody can give more valuable insight than the people who have been there before. All of the information on the sites and pages listed below is provided by instructors and/or by people who have passed the bar themselves.

  • Top 10 Things You’ll Wish You Knew About The Bar Exam — Bar Exam Cafe, a site dedicated to helping law students prepare to test for bar certification, created this insightful list. These tips come from people who have been there before and know the challenges you’re facing.
  • Bar Exam Guru Blog — This blog, written by the author of several exam review books, is an excellent resource for any law student or graduate who is preparing to take the bar exam. Some of the content pertains specifically to the California bar exam, but there is a wealth of information from law students and graduates all over the country.
  • Bar Exam Mind Blog — Bar Exam Mind Blog is filled with helpful articles containing tips for passing the bar exam in any state. There are tried-and-true time management strategies and advice for minimizing distractions while you study.
  • Alumni Advice — This page has several links to the personal stories of Howard Law School graduates who have passed the bar. These honest insights can be lifesavers when you become overwhelmed with preparations.

Help With Writing the Essay

You can study for weeks in preparation for the Q&A portion of the exam, but don’t make the dire mistake of forgetting the essay section. The essay questions are weighed heavily in scoring your exam, and it’s intrinsically important to know what the reviewers are looking for. Visit the sites and pages below for help in acing the essays.

  • The Essay: Getting Prepared — This article is included as part of a blog for bar exam hopefuls by the former managing editor of The Virginia Law Review. It is full of to-the-point advice that will be helpful to anyone preparing themselves for the essay portion of the bar exam.
  • Bar Exam Essay Writing Tips — These tips come from Flashcard Exchange, an extensive online collection of flashcards that can be used, printed, or shared. You can also create your own and upload them. Use these flashcards to study the key points you’ll need to remember when writing.
  • Essay Writing For The Bar Exam — This article, written by an attorney and bar exam instructor, is loaded with straightforward advice for people preparing to write their bar exam essay. The main focus is improving the essay writing technique.
  • Bar Exam Essay Tips — This very thorough article comes from a high-quality blog called Bar Exam Advisor. Not only are there general guidelines, but there is also some vital advice about preparing for the bar in your particular region.

More Helpful Sites and Articles

If you still haven’t found all of the support and information you’re looking for, check out the following sites. Just about every conceivable bar exam-related topic is discussed in the articles they contain, and all of the information comes from respected and credible resources.

  • Bar Exam Preparation Articles — This collection of articles comes from Law School Academic Support Blog, which is a part of the Law Professor Blog Network. The posts are all very valuable for bar exam hopefuls, and include oft-overlooked topics like how to save money for the exam.
  • How to Pass the Bar Exam — A basic and useful article discussing the preparatory steps you should take before beginning to study for the bar. These tips come from’s law school article collection.
  • Bar Exam Preparation Essentials — This article was written for students at Southwest Law School in Los Angeles. While it was written specifically for students planning to take the California state bar exam, the tips in it are valuable for anyone preparing to take the bar anywhere in the U.S.
  • Asked and Answered: Bar Exam Instruction — This well-maintained blog has dozens of articles for individuals planning or preparing to take the Multistate Bar Exam. There are lots of tips, hints, and valuable insights.

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