Possible Careers with a Law Degree

Students considering law school often wonder, “What can I do with a law degree besides practicing law?” Law students learn skills that are highly marketable. The law school curriculum stresses development of critical thinking, analysis, research, writing and verbal communication skills. These skills open the door to many career opportunities beyond practicing law. Here are 9 of the many alternative careers for someone with a law degree.

1. Politics – Students seeking careers in politics learn skills in law school that politicians value such as how to effectively verbally communicate. Legal training teaches students to draft and interpret legislation as well as the intricacies of the legislative process. Politicians use these skills as they seek to address problems within their constituencies.

2. Research and Writing – Good research and writing skills are essential to succeed in law school and eventually in the practice of law. Law school graduates can use these skills to pursue careers as journalists, freelance writers or as research consultants working with attorneys.

3. Legal Placement – Attorneys with connections in the legal community, who possess an understanding of how law firms operate, can successfully manage a legal staffing businesses.

4. Lobbyist – With knowledge gained in law school about how government and legislative processes work, attorneys with connections to a particular industry can become effective lobbyists.

5. Law Enforcement – Law school graduates find law enforcement as an attractive career alternative as it offers another way to become involved in the justice system.

6. Broadcasting – CNN, Fox, ABC, TruTV and even TMZ all employ attorneys as on-air personalities. With so many network, cable and online media outlets, there is an abundance of opportunity for attorneys to get airtime. An attorney’s input is often sought for a range of news stories such as those involving criminal, family and corporate law.

7. Teaching – For those who are comfortable in a classroom, rigorous law school training prepares students to pursue teaching careers not only in law school but also at the undergraduate and graduate school levels. Students can teach law related course as well as courses pertaining to research, writing, government, and political science.

8. Sports or Entertainment Agent – Agents for professional athletes and entertainers spend much of their time negotiating contracts for their clients. Lawyers with experience drafting and negotiating terms of complex contracts may find working as an agent an interesting alternative career.

9. Business and Entrepreneurship – Many law school graduates decide to forgo practicing law altogether and opt for positions in business that often pay better. The analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills developed in law school help law school graduates excel in business.

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