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When kids are curious about certain things, it can be tough to find an age-appropriate way to teach them. Most of the many agencies of the United States government have created web pages designed specifically with kids in mind. These sites offer fun and safe ways for kids to explore the functions of various government agencies and to learn about how these agencies work for everyone as a part of our society.

Investigative Agencies

The United States has several investigative agencies, and kids are almost invariably compelled to find out more about them. They see investigators and agents on TV and in the movies, and sometimes it can be tough to explain the difference between the Hollywood version of these governmental agencies and the reality of what they do in a way that’s suitable for kids. These sites were created just for that purpose.

  • CIA Kids’ Page – From the Central Intelligence Agency, this fun site teaches kids all about the agency and what they do through tutorials and games.
  • FBI Kids – Through games and activities, the Federal Bureau of Investigation teaches kids about what the agency does and gives them a chance to be honorary junior agents.
  • NSA Crypto Kids – A site full of exciting games and kid-friendly information to teach youth about the National Security Administration and to help them understand the reality of what the department does and why.
  • DOJ Kids Page – A kids page from the Department of Justice, where little ones can learn about the United States justice system, how the court system works, and follow a mock criminal trial step-by-step.

Health and Safety Agencies

Some of the most important advances in the history of the U.S. and the evolution of our society and economy have come through regulations from health or safety agencies. Kids often don’t realize how many groups are in place to help ensure safe working conditions, a healthy environment, and many of the other favorable conditions we enjoy in the United States. These sites provide kids with lots of great information about the agencies themselves, and also supply them with valuable and potentially life-saving information in a fun and engaging way.

  • Consumer Protection Agency’s Kids’ Page – Filled with information about safety, including up-to-date guidelines and product recall information, the agency’s kids page even features a quiz to help kids test their safety knowledge.
  • NIEHS Kids’ Pages – From the National Institute for Environmental Health and Safety, comes all kinds of great information for kids about environmental conservation, pollution, and other issues facing our modern society in terms of environmental health.
  • FEMA Preparedness Site for Kids – The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s pages for young learners feature exercises and games to help kids practice valuable preparedness techniques.
  • Smokey’s Outpost– The U.S. Forest Service’s beloved mascot, Smokey the Bear, is the star of this site that helps teach kids about wildfire safety through interactive activities and games.

Recreation and Conservation Agencies

The U.S. has many agencies in place to help protect and maintain the country’s natural resources and wilderness areas. These sites can help pique an early interest in land and resource conservation in kids. From forestry to agriculture, there is a rich history and a world of opportunity for kids who are interested in finding out more about these American institutions.

  • EPA Student Page – The Environmental Protection Agency’s site has games, activities, and links to educational and informative pages for kids interested in learning about the EPA’s important work.
  • National Park Service Learning Page – NPS’s kids page includes games and activities, along with Junior Ranger training materials for kids interested in learning about National Park stewardship.
  • USDA Kids USDA Agricultural Research Service hosts these pages for children and teens – a site all about agriculture for curious kids that features fun project ideas and educational materials about working in agriculture.
  • EERE Kids Page – The Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy maintains this great site with games and lessons for kids to learn more about conserving energy and the fascinating possibilities of alternative forms of energy.

Statistical and Informational Agencies

Data gathering agencies can provide fascinating insights into the inner workings of the United States and all of the diverse people who populate it. Facts paint a picture of how things work and help kids to learn about all the complicated factors that work together to form a nation.

  • U.S. Census for Kids – The U.S. Census Bureau’s site for kids, with games and activities to help children learn about the information gathered by the bureau, like fun facts about each state.
  • NCES Kids’ Zone – The National Center for Education Statistics has put together this page to help kids learn about education in the United States with fun facts and figures.
  • USPTO for Kids – This site, designed just for kids, is an extension of the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has links to resources for aspiring inventors and young innovators.
  • NOAA Fun for Kids – The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has put together this fun page for kids with games, articles, and other cool ways to learn about marine and weather science.

Educational Agencies

Education and learning are decidedly core values of the United States culture. The agencies in this section are dedicated to inspiring kids to be the next generation of knowledge-seekers. These sites provide valuable information for children who dream of becoming an explorer in the realms of science and other fields.

  • National Science Foundation Kids Page – The NSF has set up this page, filled with links to educational science-based sites for kids.
  • NASA Kids’ Club – The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s fun-filled kids’ site, complete with puzzles, games, and interactive activities to help teach kids about space exploration.
  • VA Kids – The U.S. Veterans Affairs agency set up this site to help teach kids about the veterans who have served our country, and about the agency set up to help advocate for them.
  • Peace Corps Kids World – From the U.S. Peace Corps, this site takes kids through a simulated Peace Corps mission during which they help to make life better for a small community in an impoverished area of the world.

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