Brzonkala v. Virginia Polytechnical Institute Case Brief

Summary of Brzonkala v. Virginia Polytechnical Institute

Plaintiff: Christy Brzonkala

Defendant: Virginia Tech Christy was raped by two football players and first Virginia Tech suspended the raper for a year and then they gave him minor punishment.

Issue: Does Christy meet the reqirements of hostile environment under Title IX.

Holding: yes

Key Facts: Case was also brought under Violence against women act Court used title VII employment act to get the standard

Legal Reasoning: Under title IX hostile claim, the plaintiff must show: 1. that she belongs to a protected group; 2. that she was subject to unwelcome sexual harassment 3. that the harassment was based on sex; 4. that the harassmentb was sufficiently severe or pervasive so as to alter the conditions of her education and create and abusive educational environment; 5. that some basis for institutional liability has been established. -court easily found that christy was abused because of her gender and the court stated that she did not actually have to experience the hostile environment in order to claim hostile environment -the court stated that if the institution knows about an abuse going on and does nothing about it or just slaps the guilty on the wrist, the institution can be held liable.

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