Griggs v. Duke Power Company Case Brief

Summary of Griggs v. Duke Power Company

Facts: A company had a hiring process where the people interested in working for this company had to take an intelligence test and they also needed a high school diploma. Due to these requirements, fewer blacks were being hired. These requirements were not related to the actual jobs the company offered.

Issue: Whether, in a Title VII case, the giving of general intelligence tests and requiring a high school diploma for employment are violations of equal protection if the practical result is to statistically exclude more blacks than whites, and the tests do not have a demonstrated predictive affect on job performance?

Holding: Yes

Legal Reasoning: The court ruled that the company’s employment were artificial and unnecessary. The court further ruled that these requirements had disparate impact on blacks. The court stated that the intent or the good motive did not matter because the Congress had made this statue to protect blacks from racially biased employment practices and the intent behind these practices did not matter.

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