NRDC v. EPA Case Brief

Summary of NRDC v. EPA Citation: 526 F.3d 591 Relevant Facts: The National Resources Defense Council challenged the EPA’s permit exemption for oil and gas construction sites. The NRDC argued that it was a violation of the

Monroe v. Pape Case Brief

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Mattei v. Hopper Case Brief

Summary of Mattei v. Hopper Citation: 51 Cal.2d 119 Relevant Facts: Mattei was a real estate developer who sought to buy property owned by Hopper. Mattei intended to create a new shopping center. Mattei and Hopper

Maglica v. Maglica Case Brief

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Kyles v. Whitley Case Brief

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Krell v. Henry Case Brief

Summary of Krell v. Henry Citation: 2 K.B. 740 Relevant Facts: [This matter was an English case] Henry paid to use Krell’s London flat (apartment) in order to view King Edward VII’s coronation. Per the contract,

Jaffee v. Redmond Case Brief

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HBO v. FCC Case Brief

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Groh v. Ramirez Case Brief

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