Armory v. Delamarie Case Brief

Summary of Armory v. Delamarie (1722)

In Middlesex district court; strange because opinion was written by someone who was just there. There were no official reports until 1865. Private barristers and reporters wrote the reports.

This is shown in the citation, 1 Strange 505, 93 Eng. Rep. 664

A boy finds jewels while cleaning out a chimney. A jewel Master attempts to keep them. Court rules that the boy has a right to them against anyone but the rightful owner.

Coram – in the presence of or before

Writ of Replevin1. An action for the repossession of personal property wrongfully taken or detained by the defendant, whereby the plaintiff gives security for and holds the property until the court decides who owns it. — Also termed claim and delivery. 2) A writ obtained from a court authorizing the retaking of personal property wrongfully taken or detained.

Conversion – An act of dominion or control that is inconsistent with the owner’s rights.

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