People v. Rideout Case Brief

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Aguilar v. Texas Case Brief

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Bell v. Wolfish Case Brief

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Bond v. United States Case Brief

Summary of Bond v. United States Citation: 564 U.S. ______, 131 S. Ct. 2355 (2011) Relevant Facts: Carol Bond, angered that her husband had carried on an extramarital affair and fathered a child, threatened and harassed

Fare v. Michael C. Case brief

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Florida v. J.L. Case Brief

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Dunaway v. New York Case Brief

Summary of Dunaway v. New York Citation: 442 U.S. 200 Relevant Facts: Several months after a pizza parlor owner was killed during an attempted robbery police receive a tip from an informant implicating Dunaway. When a

Delaware v. Prouse Case Brief

Summary of Delaware v. Prouse Citation: 440 U.S. 648 Relevant Facts: In Delaware, a policeman stopped William Prouse’s vehicle in order to make a routine check of his driver’s license and registration. The officer’s decision to

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